I meet with my students via posted office hours and open door policy, with generous weekly times and remote options available.

Please contact me if you need to schedule a meeting in advance.


  • Outstanding Educator, 2021 — Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, West Virginia University (Press Release)

Professional Development

  • Inclusive STEM Teaching Project, 2023 — BUx (Boston University) + edX
Inclusive STEM Teaching Project
  • Certificate in Effective College Instruction, 2022 — Association of College & University Educators + American Council on Education


I teach full-time at West Virginia University:

  • The major-required programming sequence Introduction to Computer Science (CS 110), Introduction to Data Structures (CS 111), and Files & Data Structures (CS 210).

  • The major-required theory courses Discrete Mathematics (CS 220) and Principles of Programming Languages (CS 310).

  • The elective theory course Database Design & Theory (CS 440).

  • Honors offerings for selected courses when available.

Please contact me if you need a course syllabus.